Advanced multiple overrides

Advanced multiple overrides
virtuemart sampleVirtueMart Sample
Основная цена 80,00 руб
Базовая цена для комбинации 80,00 руб
Модификатор цены:
Базовая цена с НДС
Цена со скидкой
Цена 80,00 руб
Итого: 80,00 руб
Цена без налогов 80,00 руб
Итого без налога: 80,00 руб
Общая скидка:
Размер налога
Общий налог:
Price / кг:
String, is input Tooltip

This is a child of Product PATTERN. Most inherited settings are overwritten:
- Short desc
- Product desc
- Product price
- Product Images
- Product Dimension and Weight (Units in Box)
- Customfields

String Tooltip
Override for string 2
For additional searchable product attributes displayed in a consistent format in the product description
Editor Tooltip

Advanced PATTERN content
>> This customfields are assigned in parent product.

Enable overrides in plugin customfields and set your new content.
You can add customfields additional to inherited.

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virtuemart sampleVirtueMart Sample
extra Image
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